Mini A-Kon V – February 18, 2012 @ the North Branch Library

Mini A-Kon V Line Up

(Please check back frequently for the most up to date information or follow us and AKon on Twitter @DentonLibrary and @AKon_Convention)

 Main Event Schedule – Events to take place in the front Meeting Room

10am – POP Candy Girls – Para Para Dance Demo & Workshop

They will be will be teaching, Happy Synthesizer by Vocaloid. Expect fun, laughter, excitement, and maybe a few treats here and there!


 11am – Ani-Idol All Star Mini Concert –

brought to you by Mu Epsilon Kappa, UNT’s Anime Club

Winner’s from past Ani-Idol events will do a mini concert of anime and jpop songs.

12pm – All About Comics Panel

 What to know how to make comics?  Come speak with various writers and artists on how they made their comics.
1pm – 3 pm – Voice Actor Panel
Come hear the people behind the voices of your favorite anime characters talk about their experiences in voice acting.

For now you can follow some of them on twitter!

Cherami Leigh – @CheramiLeigh

Micah Solusod – @maioceaneyes

Sonny Strait – @sonnystrait

Jad B. Saxton – @jadbsaxton

Alexis Tipton –

Bruce Elliot –
3pm – Funimation Panel –@FUNimation

Funimation will be on hand to talk about what they have planned and share a few behind the scene stories.

4pm – Cosplay (put on by Mu Epsilon Kappa, UNT’s Anime Club)
Cosplay as your favorite character and you could win one of the several awards!

Voice Actor Autograph Alley Schedule
10am – Cherami Leigh/Micah Solusod
11am – Sonny Strait/Bruce Elliott
12pm – Alexis Tipton/Jad B. Saxton

 Artists and/or Writerswill be on hand to provide everything from their hard work (from free sketches to expensive masterpieces) to how you too can be an artist or writer. Come learn from professionals of all shapes and sizes.

Taylor Lymbery

 Kristen McGuire

 Sonny Strait – @sonnystrait

 Micah Solusod – @maioceaneyes

 Jerry Bennett

 Karen Martin

 Jeff Provine

 Hector Rodriguez

 Charles Martin

August Walker

Don Rosencrans

Iron Cosplay –  by Mu Epsilon Kappa, UNT’s Anime Club

Join the competition of timed costume creation! The winner will receive a prize! 

Gaming Schedule

12pm – 3pm Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Card Game

12pm – North Texas Derby Revolution – @RevolutionDerby

All Day Happenings

Food Trucks

Nammi – Vietnamese Fusion – @nammitruck

sshamBBQ – Gourmet Korean Tacos – @ssahmbbq

DFWGames – video game room and tournaments – @DFWGames

 Costumed Crusaders

 The Secret World of Arrietty Trailer – local Disney representatives will be on hand to promote Disney’s Studio Ghibli release            

Game Demos by:

Valkyrie Games




REAPER – running a free paint and take demo

Pachinko machines – 100 balls for $1

Anime Art Contest Gallery – art on display and winners announced 

Anime Showings

Sound of the Sky

 Emma – A Victorian Romance

Antique Bakery



11 thoughts on “Mini A-Kon V – February 18, 2012 @ the North Branch Library

    • Participating artists may have select items for sale.
      Food trucks will be selling awesome munchies!
      The Friends of the Library Bookstore will be open for business as well.
      Also, look out for the opportunity to win door prizes!
      See you at Mini A-kon!

  1. How will Ani Idol work? Are there guidelines or requirements for someone to sing? I’d really love to sing Servant of Evil in Japanese.

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