Miss Emily’s JukeJoint 1/10/2012: New Items

Hi all. We’ve just got a new batch of music CDs here at the Fowler Library. Don’t forget to click on the link to take you to the item in our catalog where you can put it on hold. Let’s dig in…

Firma – Desde Adentro

Calleja, Joseph – The Maltese Tenor

Jedi Mind Tricks – Violence Begets Violence

Jet Life – Jet World Order

Class Actress – Rapprocher

Family Force 5 – III

Majestad De La Sierra – Claro Que Si!!

Gonzalez, Jimmy – Return of the Bad Boys 2011

Carolina Liar – Wild Blessed Freedom

La Dispute – Wildlife

Lauper, Cyndi – Merry Christmas…Have a Nice Life

Green – Ways & Means

Koz, Dave – Ultimate Christmas

Blind Pilot – We Are The Tide

Morrison, James – The Awakening

El Khatib, Hanni – Will The Guns Come Out

Rector, Ben – Something Like This

Close Your Eyes – Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts


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