Fowler Files, 10/10/11: Sam Bass Pays His Tax

While Pilot Point is celebrating its connection to and history with Bonnie and Clyde this weekend, I thought y’all might get a kick out of seeing an entry for one Sam Bass in the Inventory Book Precinct 1 For 1874 (Tax List)  we have here in the Special Collections Department at Emily Fowler Library. Denton County’s reputation as a destination/hideout/home for outlaws is well known and that history is likely to be mined for years to come.

Click on the image to see the entire document:

Bass Tax

  Maybe paying your horse tax was a good way to keep the law off your trail for other “activities”? 

We have a photocopied version of the book on the shelf and the original in our archives. The story behind the book is interesting and sadly, all-too-typical of public records in the 19th century. That is to say, it escaped the 1875 courthouse fire by pure chance whereas its brethren were incinerated.


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