Denton Writes 2012 Winners !

The Denton Public Library would like to thank all who participated in and those who encouraged others to participate in Denton Writes 2012. This year’s writing contest which was open to children, youth, teens and adults, received more than 150 entries.

A congratulatory reception will be held to recognize and congratulate the winners Wednesday, May 16 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. at the North Branch Library.

The winners for each category are as follows:

Adult Poetry

1st Place – Hurry Up!  Slow Down! by Christina Smith

2nd  Place – Unaccompanied by Beth Honeycutt

3rd Place – The Intension of Knot by Febe Moss

Honorable Mention – Thinking Of Sara Kane At The Turkey Creek Trail, Austin – David C. Kupfer

Adult Fiction

1st Place  – Coach Dee by Sherri White

2nd  Place  – A Notice  by Marian Fleischmann

3rd  Place – Deeper Than An Ocean by Ryan Barnhart

Adult Nonfiction

1st Place  – VBIED by Tosha Griggs

2nd  Place  – Anatomy 101 by Christine Thomas

3rd Place – The Temptation of Books by Kay Branum

Teen Poetry


1st Place  – Where Do You Come From? by Christine Yuan

2nd  Place  – Four Faces by Margaux Khosraviani

3rd Place – Gods of Death Love Apples by Bailey Locklear

Hon. Mention – A Potent Poison by Seth Feeney



Teen Fiction


1st Place  – Kick Out The Jams by Rachel Valentine

2nd  Place  – The Most Cruel Story of A Girl With Unimaginable Red Hair by Josie Baker

3rd Place – The Mirror by Katharine Baxter

Teen Nonfiction


1st Place  – Shakespeare: A Man of All Times by Varada Salimath

2nd  Place  – Latvia, A Swell Country by Ashlyn Kate Baak


Youth Poetry

1st Place  – I Am  by Victoria Langham

2nd  Place  – Opposites In Space by Hannah Bradshaw

3rd Place – The Flag, The Flag by Lindsey Duffin

Hon. Mention – Everyone Wants To Be Successful by Alice Wang


Youth Fiction


1st Place  – A Map To The Magical Forest by Victoria Langham

2nd  Place  – The Ghost of Pearl Harbor by Rae Hillman

3rd Place – Denton Writing Contest  by Alice Wang

Youth Nonfiction


1st Place  – Corrie Ten Boom by Grace Elizabeth Baak

2nd  Place  – Moving  by Alice Wang

3rd Place – My Best Friend Emily by Zoe Graves

Hon. Mention – Shoes Are Important by Deborah Samuelson


Children’s Poetry


1st Place  – The Color Green  by Mia Knight

2nd Place – The Awesome Poem by Madden Shoebotham

3rd Place –  Thunderstorm by Aden Burdge

Children’s Fiction

1st Place  – Easter on the Farm by Jamie Ordonez

2nd  Place  – Evangeline’s New Friend  by Eloise Bourns

3rd Place – Dinosaur Recovery Team by Jeremy Clark McKay

Children’s Nonfiction


1st Place  – The Bare Facts About Bare Feet by Micah Powell

2nd Place – The Polar Bear Slip Up by Elijah Jones

3rd Place – Right Foot, Left Foot by Hannah Reynolds


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