Miss Emily’s JukeJoint, 5.13.11: Von Erich/Von Ehric

    Sometimes history and popular culture and current events all collide like a piledriver  . Last week’s Denton Record Chronicle Denton Time  section featured the Von Ehrics. Earlier in the week, I was browsing the Denton Collection of books in the Emily Fowler Public Library’s Special Collection department and found this title: The Von Erich Family Album by patriarch Fritz Von Erich. Pure coincidence. Two different spellings with a certain aesthetic in common. And, yes, the band was named after the famous/tragic wrestling family.

Famous Brothers

     When I was a teen in Dallas back in the ’80s, even though I personally didn’t follow professional wrestling, I had several friends who did and the Von Erichs were (are still?) considered folk heroes; their names ever-present in local news. I didn’t realize until today that they had lived at times in Denton County.

The book mentioned above cannot be checked out, but you *can* read it, do research, and make copies if you need. Same as the other titles in Special Collections.

And, as an example of the Von Erich’s hold, so to speak, on GenX, check out Corn Mo’s performance of his tribute “Shine On Golden Warrior” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5WerFQ-86E

Corn Mo lived in Denton for a while back in the ’90s before moving to Brooklyn, N.Y.

Shine ON!

posted by Chuck, 5.16.11


One thought on “Miss Emily’s JukeJoint, 5.13.11: Von Erich/Von Ehric

  1. Hi, I have an authentic zippo lighter that Fritz von Erich gave out to people he really liked. Dennis Brent authenticated it for me. He is one of the people that knows the Fritz personally. my e-mail address is Mnikole88@yahoo.com

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