Do you really see a light at the end of a tunnel when you die? Or do you see a light and wind up in line for a boat? That’s what happened to seventeen-year-old Pierce when she accidentally fell into her backyard pool trying to save a dying bird. At least, she thought it was accidentally, but now she’s not so sure. See, there’s this guy that she met when she was seven due to another dying bird, and he shows up again when she has her near-death experience. Even after she escapes from – let’s call it the Underworld – this guy keeps showing up whenever she’s in danger to be her shining knight, but Pierce knows what he really wants is for her to come back to the Underworld with him. Sound familiar? If you said this reminds you of the Persephone myth, then Ding! Ding! You’re correct! Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the Furies, the coffins, or the spoonbills yet. Check out Abandon, the new book by Meg Cabot.

If that’s not enough Meg Cabot for you, be sure to go to the catalog and put your hold on for Overbite, the much-anticipated (at least by me) sequel to her adult paranormal/romance/seriously funny book Insatiable.

– Heather Botelho, South Branch Library


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