The walls separating the human world from the Fae have fallen. Over three billion people are dead, and Unseelie are roaming the earth. There’s only one hope of restoring order, and that’s the Sinsar Dubh, which, by the way, is a completely evil book that likes to possess people before killing them. In Karen Marie Moning’s fifth book of the Fever series, Shadowfever answers questions, poses even more, and leaves the reader unsure of whether or not there will be a happy ending for our protagonist, Mackayla Lane, who may or may not be evil herself.

It is extremely hard to say anything about this book without giving something away, other than if you’ve read the Fever series, you must read this book. If you haven’t read the Fever series, this isn’t a normal fantasy. It’s dark and twisted, extremely graphic, not for the faint of heart, but enthralling in a way that sucks you in and doesn’t let go. Romance readers may find that although this series is not romantic, there is some familiar element in the relationship between Mac and the enigmatic Jericho Barrons, especially in Shadowfever.

I’ll say one more thing: If you’ve read the Fever series and are expecting this book to wrap everything up tidily, don’t. Suspend your disbelief and throw out your expectations because in the world of Fae, nothing is ever what it seems.

– Heather Botelho, South Branch Library


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