The Way We Get By

Product DetailsIs a little gem of a film from Aron Gaudet, 80 minutes long and a real perspective – changer. This documentary features the Maine Troop Greeters in Bangor, Maine, the jumping off spot for troops headed to the Middle East or returning from the front.   Three elderly greeters give viewers a glimpse into their lives as tireless volunteers who provide every single soldier a handshake, pat on the back or big thank you. This movie goes beyond the airport scenes to reveal some of the personal tribulations of growing old. One particularl poignant scene for pet lovers involves a final goodbye to a treasured friend. As the mom of a soldier, I expected to be touched by the scenes of soldiers leaving. What I didn’t expect was the immense compassion I felt for the greeters. I want to call them up, pat them on the back and tell them thanks. What an example. 

~Terri Gibbs


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