Miss Emily’s JukeJoint, 10.6.10: Tar-Nation

   I like to go through our CD collection for oddities and stuffyouwouldn’texpect. Today I found “In The Pines-Tar Heel Folk Songs and Fiddle Tunes”. This is a collection of “old-time music of North Carolina 1926-1936.”

In the Pines cover art

      Besides being the home of NASCAR, John Coltrane and Thomas Wolfe, the genre of music we know today as “Bluegrass” has deep roots in North Carolina. The title “Bluegrass” has alot to do with the influence of Bill Monroe, the title of his group-“The Bluegrass Boys”, and his birth in Kentucky, but the music has roots all over Appalacia and the Southeastern United States. But, this collection isn’t bluegrass-its old-time acoustic country music as practiced by working class farmers, small shopkeeps, millworkers and the like in schoolhouses, on streetcorners and porches during the Harding, Hoover and Roosevelt Administrations. Bluegrass is the “modern” genre that folks would most easily find similar. Well, that and a kind of Country music that hasn’t been on the radio in a looong time. You may find it, though, played by scruffy longhaired, bearded middle-class college students in coffee houses from Seattle to Boston. Enough of my rambling…

Carolina Tar Heels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL4bu6OCIJo&feature=related 

Wade Mainer interviewed and pickin’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkexeI2N6YA&feature=related 

And, this has nothing to do with music per se, but somehow another Carolina native, Earl Scruggs’ lightning banjo style reminds me of another Carolina native, NASCAR legend Junior Johnson running ‘shine “thru the woods of Caroline” , to quote Bruce Springsteen in “Cadillac Ranch”. 

Until next time, put those CDs, albums, 45s and 78s back in their sleeves!


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