Do You Believe in Ghosts?

How far would you go for your ex? Would you move to a house in the middle of nowhere (that potentially has ghosts, if you believe in that sort of thing) to look after two delinquent kids? That’s what Andromeda Miller does for her ex-husband in Jennifer Crusie’s latest, Maybe This Time. Now, Andie and I both scoffed at these so-called ghosts. After three nannies have been run off because they say they saw spooks, and there are two kids with serious attitude problems, would you really believe in ghosts? Maybe it is the kids and maybe there really are specters going bump in the night. I’m not going to give it away – that’s what reading the book is for. I will say that a crazy Tarot card-reading mother, a spiritual medium, a parapsychology professor, a TV reporter with a super fake smile, and a really creepy housekeeper are thrown into the mix, not to mention a love triangle when both Andie’s fiancé and her ex-husband show up to win her affections.

I’ll also say that I thoroughly enjoyed Crusie’s latest book, and I’m very pleased with the supernatural bent she’s on. Her last book, Wild Ride, featured demons in an amusement park. Demons. Amusement park. Just sayin’ it can’t get much better.  In the ranks of authors who can combine humor, action, and a little something weird, Crusie is up at the top.

– Heather Botelho


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