Paige in New Mexico

Paige joined librarian Mary, her sister Laura, and her niece Aspen on a girls’ road trip to the 2010 annual SRS retreat for the Southwest Spinners.  It was held July 30 – August 1 in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, and they took a little extra time to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell.

The girls set out the morning of July 29, taking a break at the rest stop just the other side of Weatherford, where Paige, feeling a little frisky, checked out some of the plants.    Lunch was just a quick stop at a Dairy Queen in Clyde, and another quick stop was made near Lamesa.  At the end of a long day of driving, the quartet ended up at Carlsbad, New Mexico, for the night.

First thing Friday morning, they headed to Happy’s for breakfast, where the staff were more than happy to let Paige pose in their diner. 

 Another regular stop for the trip was the Cat’s Meow,   a Carlsbad thrift store where all of the profits go to help support the local humane group (even the rent for the store is donated by the property owner).

After purchasing a few items for fun and to help out the local animals, the group piled back into the truck for the rest of the trip.  They made it from Carlsbad to the camp near Weed, NM, in record time, and were among the earliest arrivals. 


  Some of the early arrivals put their extra time to good use, and Pat was kind enough to show Paige how to spin yarn on her spinning wheel.     

Paige decided that unless she could find a much smaller wheel she would just watch others spin.  Part of the time she kept watch at Laura’s table, which allowed her to see all of the other tables where people were selling fiber products and to watch the meetings and some of the classes held in Skipper’s Hall.

 When the noise and bustle got to be a bit much, Paige would take a short trip outside the building to admire the view.


  Even a thunderstorm couldn’t dampen the spirits of those who had come to share their love of fiber crafts.

Saturday morning began beautifully, and Paige got a little carried away taking pictures, finally deciding on sharing this one with her friends:


 Paige got an early start and took a look at one of the tools used by many spinners, a drop spindle:


She decided that if she’s going to take up spinning, this is much more her size than any of the wheels.  She continued browsing among the various tables and helped Laura and Aspen sell roving at their table, then took the afternoon off for a nice, long nap while the others took various classes.  On her first trip into mountains, Paige found it a little difficult to adjust to the change from 600 feet to almost 8,000 feet in altitude.

Sunday morning, Paige decided she would sit in on a class, so she went with Mary to a needle-felting class.  She met one of the models for the class


 and got very excited about learning how to make needle-felted ponies, but then got an up-close look at one of the needles used  and decided that was almost too big for her to handle.  So she sat on the table where Mary worked and critiqued the students’ work.


After a quick lunch, and sitting out the part where the truck was packed for the journey home, Paige took a few more pictures for her scrapbook



before climbing back in for the side trip to Roswell.  She just wished the ducks would have come out to say good-bye!

By the time they reached Roswell, all four were ready to call it an early night, so they checked into a brand-new hotel for dinner and an early bedtime.  But what a surprise!  Even Aspen, at 6’1” couldn’t sit on the side of her bed and touch the floor with her feet – so little Paige opted to sleep on the sofa instead. 


After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast (and a picture with the hotel’s own resident alien),

the group set out for Roswell’s famed International UFO and Research Center. 

There, Paige had several photo opportunities, posing first with RALF (Roswell Alien Life Form), who doesn’t much resemble the alien at the hotel

and then with one of the exhibits about historic evidence of alien visitations to earth.


Faced with another 9 hours of driving back to Denton, Paige decided she’d rather nap, and curled up in the back of the truck.  Since she’d managed to nestle into one of the bags of goodies bought in Roswell, she didn’t make it back to the library until the following week, where she decided to let everyone know what a great time she’d had – and how much she appreciated the much cooler weather in the mountains!


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