Insatiable Book Cover

Last time I reviewed a teen book about spy girls, but this time, the book I can’t get out of my head is Meg Cabot’s Insatiable. Now, I like Meg, but she tends towards chick lit, and if you’re like me, you have to be in the mood for chick lit. Insatiable is not chick lit. That’s right, I said it. Not chick lit. For one thing, although the protagonist is Meena Harper, dialogue writer for a soap opera named – yep, you guessed it – Insatiable, she doesn’t so much go on a journey as she has an adventure. With vampires. Don’t think Twilight. Instead, direct your thoughts to Bram Stoker’s Dracula because the main vamp is Vlad Dracul’s son himself, and he is Lucien, Prince of Darkness. (Dramatic, I know). But he really is very sweet and cuddly. He’s against killing humans and everything, and no vamp under his rule is allowed to kill humans. Except one of them is, which draws the attention of an ancient vampire hunting organization based in … can you guess? Give up? Vatican City. So the Prince of Darkness comes to Manhattan, where he falls in love with Meena, and the Pope-blessed vampire hunter Alaric comes to Manhattan, where he falls in, well, something with Meena, and did I mention this book isn’t really a romance either? There’s a ton of action, not to mention Jack Bauer (not what you think), and Meena has a secret power to rival Sookie Stackhouse. If you like Meg Cabot, if you like vampires, or if you like soap operas, this book is a definite must-read.

– Heather Botelho, South Branch Library


One thought on “Insatiable

  1. Was directed to read your review by none other than Meg Cabot herself from her Twitter Page (@megcabot). Sounds great – didn’t know she had vampire in her!

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