New Bedtime Books

Bedtime-themed picture books are a dime-a-dozen…here are some new stand-outs!

Race You to Bed by Bob Shea

Rabbit challenges the reader to a race to bed and encounters all kinds of animals, situations and grilled cheese sandwiches along the way.  Will the rabbit win?  Find out by reading a book that will surely get the kids all riled up before bedtime — until the rabbit’s last challenge — “Race you to sleep.”   

Shea’s Seuss-like rhymes and unique illustrations make Race You to Bed a winner.

Bedtime For Mommy by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

In Bedtime For Mommy, a little girl and her mother reverse roles:   the girl struggles to get her mother to stop working and get ready for bed, while the mother tries numerous delay tactics (a reading of  Anna Karenina among others).  The premise is clever and the tale is told through dialogue in comic-style word bubbles, but what makes this book reallystand out are the illustrations.  The character’s facial expressions perfectly capture their role-reversal and the details in each picture add to the story exponentially.  This is a story for one-on-one sharing.

-Dana Zakrzewski


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