Miss Emily’s JukeJoint, July 23rd.

How are ya’ll out there? We’ve got some new comedy CDs this week to spotlite and some stuff I just happened to find in the collection wilst working on the big collection/condensing project.

New Comedy titles are: Reggie Watts, “Why $#!+ So Crazy?” and Wanda Sykes, “Sick and Tired”

Some CDs I tripped over while letting my fingers do the walking are the following:

The Allen Toussaint Collection http://library.cityofdenton.com/search~S4?/atouss/atouss/1%2C5%2C10%2CB/frameset&FF=atoussaint+allen&1%2C%2C4/indexsort=- with a variety of titles from different albums and labels through the years. Toussaint is a New Orleans R&B legend who writes, arranges plays great piano and this CD has his original version of what you old-timers probably remember more for Glen Campbell’s cover: “Southern Nights”.

Judy Garland, “The Letter” with Gordon Jenkins. I know nothing about this CD but seeing the cover artwork (which is reminiscent of Sinatra’s and others of the period and label) and that she is working with Gordon Jenkins piqued my interest. Upon further research, I learn that it was meant as a song-cycle with narration by John Ireland and that it is one of the more obscure titles in the Garland discography. http://www.thejudyroom.com/discography/capitol/theletter.html

I’ve been on a Bossa Nova/Brazilian kick lately and am pleased to find multiple titles by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud and Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz, etc.

Until next time- keep those discs in their sleeves/cases!


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