Miss Emily’s JukeJoint

“Lets Face the Music, and Dance”- Irving Berlin

Greetings from Miss Emilys’ JukeJoint aka the Emily Fowler Library Music CD collection. This is Chuck Voellinger, your DJ, so to speak. A few things to note:

-We are consolidating some music collections, so you may notice changes to labels on Music CDs and to the headings in the drawers. For example, all music in the Classical genre will be cataloged and searchable that way. We will no longer have the headings, “piano music”, “guitar music”, etc. on the shelves- you may still search for those terms in the catalog, however. For instance, a subject search for “sonatas” will return any items we have that are cataloged with that term but they will all be found on the shelf under the broad category “Classical”. For more information, please contact a staff member if you have questions.

Here are the old collections followed by the corresponding new name. Some have not changed, however.

Ballet Music – Classical

Band Music – Classical

Chamber Music – Classical

Childrens – Childrens

Choral Music – Classical

Country – Country and Bluegrass

Electronic Music – Rock & Popular

Folk, American – Folk

Folk, World – Folk

Gospel – Gospel

Guitar Music – Classical, Rock & Popular or Jazz & Blues

Holiday – Holiday

Jazz – Jazz & Blues

Musicals – Soundtracks and Musicals

Operas – Operas

Orchestral – Classical

Organ Music – Classical

Percussion Music – Classical

Piano Music – Classical

Popular – Rock & Popular

Rap – Rap

Rock – Rock & Popular

Soundtracks – Soundtracks and Musicals

String Music – Classical

Symphonies – Classical

Variety/Humor – Comedy

Violin Music – Classical

Vocal Music – Classical

Wind Music – Classical

Spanish – Spanish

Other Languages (French, Arabic, etc) – World, “Language”

These changes have already occured at the North and South Branch, so you may have already noticed or are already familiar.

In the next posting we’ll get into some buried treasures perhaps and talk about music.

For your viewing edification: “Po’ Monkey’s” Juke Joint, Mississippi Delta.


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