Twilight Read-Alikes, Vol. 6: Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan

Darren Shan and Steve Leonard, a.k.a. Steve Leopard, are best friends who hear about an illegal freak show that has come to town.  The boys and their friends gather their money together to go, but can only buy two tickets.  By some act of fate, both Darren and Steve go to the show.  The freak show is truly freakish, with a snake boy, a wolf man, Mr. Crepsley and his spider Madam Octa, and other beings that are not for the fainthearted.  But things go horribly wrong after the show, and Darren has to make a life and death decision: does he save his friend and leave everything he knows behind, or let his friend die and stay with his family? 

Cirque Du Freak is very fast paced with lots of twists and turns — very much a rollercoaster ride.  I enjoyed it immensely and was not disappointed.  It was this series that turned me on to vampires, and made me give them a second chance.  This series is intended for younger teens, and is geared towards a  male audience; however, as an adult female, I’m proof that it can be enjoyed by just about anyone.  Cirque Du Freak is an action/adventure series with elements of thriller and horror in it as well.  The horror elements are not very scary, but there is just enough to get a little thrill down your spine.  The books are shorter than many other books in the same genre, and may appeal to reluctant readers.  The movie, The Vampire’s Assistant is based on this series, and the series has also been made into graphic novels.

Read all 12 volumes of Cirque Du Freak:

1)    Cirque Due Freak: The Saga of Darren Shan

2)    The Vampire’s Assistant

3)    Tunnels of Blood

4)    Vampire Mountain

5)    Trials of Death

6)    The Vampire Prince

7)    Hunters of the Dusk

8)    Allies of the Night

9)    Killers of the Dawn

10)  The Lake of Souls

11)  Lord of Shadows

12)  Sons of Destiny

Heather Shaw, UNT practicum student


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