Twilight Read-Alikes Vol. 5: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse has a “disability”: she is a telepath, which means she can read other people’s thoughts.  She works as a bar maid at Merlot’s in a little Louisiana town called Bon Temps.  Her life is quiet, and small, due to her “disability,” until Bill Compton, a vampire, shows up.  He moves into the Compton residence next door to Sookie and she soon discovers that she can’t read his thoughts. Bill is just the kind of guy that Sookie has been waiting for, but when people start dying, Sookie reluctantly gets involved in investigating the  murders. 

The Southern Vampire Mysteries are a mix of mystery, romance, horror, and thriller, with about equal portions of the first three genres.  This series is for older teens and adults, because of some graphic/explicit scenes.   As a general rule, each novel is supposed to stand alone, but I recommend reading them in order.  The HBO series True Blood is based on these novels.  I have enjoyed the series, and it is still not complete as of Dead in the Family.  Charlaine Harris has also written short stories about various characters or scenarios.  A complete collection of Sookie Stackhouse Short Stories has just been released.  For the most part, the short stories can stand alone because they follow storylines seperate from the novels.  This series is chock full of mythical creatures and has a very large ensemble cast of characters.

Read all the Southern Vampire Mysteries:

1)    Dead Until Dark

2)    Living Dead in Dallas

3)    Club Dead

4)    Dead to the World

5)    Dead as a Doornail

6)    Definitely Dead

7)    All Together Dead

8)    From Dead to Worse

9)    Dead and Gone

10)  Dead in the Family

Heather Shaw, UNT practicum student


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