Twilight Read-Alikes Vol. 3: Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

Elena Gilbert is the queen bee of the high school in Fell’s Church, Virginia who meets two brothers, both vampires. Stefan Salvatore is self loathing and only drinks animal blood, and Damon Salvatore is a bad boy who is not afraid to use his powers.  Both Damon and Stefan dislike each other, have competed against each other for centuries, and both have ended up in Fell’s Church.  Who will Elena decide to be with?  Later in the series, more than just a love triangle is going on in Fell’s Church – it is an evil so big and bad it has the Salvatore brothers scrambling with Elena to solve the mystery and save the day. 

This series is a teen vampire romance, predates any of the other books in this listing of the same subgenre, and predates Twilight by roughly ten years.  Those who like Twilight would probably like this series as well.  The first three books tie in together well and can be conceived as one book because the stories are so intricately interwoven.

Check out all three volumes of Vampire Diaries:

1)    The Awakening

2)    The Struggle

3)    The Fury

-Heather Shaw, UNT Practicum Student


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