Twilight Read-Alikes Vol. 2: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir (half vampire), is Lissa’s best friend and guardian-in-training.  Rose kicks butt–in attitude and in action–and really cares for Lissa.  Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi (a living/good vampire), has a sweet gentle spirit, is a princess, and is the last of her line.  Two years before the series begins, both were involved in a tragic car accident that left all but Rose and Lissa dead.  Both girls left their home at the Vampire Academy to run away from the evil that lurks there.  Rose is responsible for protecting Lissa from the evil, stereotypical vampires called the Strigoi.  The girls are captured by Dimitri, a Guardian, and brought back to the school.  As a Guardian, Dimitri is sworn to protect Lissa and also becomes Rose’s mentor and trainer.  Although he is seven years older than Rose, she is falling in love with him.  It is up to Rose to protect Lissa from evil plots that lurk, the social scorn of high school, and whatever else comes her way. 

I have immensely enjoyed this series, and it gets even better after the first book.  The first book is a little confusing because of flash backs, and almost seems like it is written in reverse.  Vampires in this series are not known to humans, and having different types of vampires is refreshing. I liked Vampire Academy better than Twilight and consider it the best teen vampire romance series that I have read so far.  This series is for the same audience as Twilight, but is for those who desire a more proactive heroine.  There are elements of horror/thriller, especially as you progress in the series.  Vampire Academy is an action/adventure series with elements of a thriller but has a good percentage of romantic elements too. The first book in the series reads more like a mystery than the rest of the series, because Rose is trying to find out who wants to hurt Lissa.  It is fast paced, especially in the fighting/action sequences, and doesn’t ever drag–at least once you get past the first book.  Each book will leave you hungry for more. 

Check out all five volumes of Vampire Academy:

1)    Vampire Academy

2)    Frostbite

3)    Shadow Kiss

4)    Blood Promise

5)    Spirit Bound

Heather Shaw, UNT Practicum Student


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