Twilight Read-Alikes Vol.1: The House of Night

Only nine more days until the release of the next cinematic installment of the Twilight Saga.  If you are getting anxious, fill your hours by reading more vampire fiction.  If you like Twilight, then perhaps you should try…

The House of Night by P.C. Cast

Zoey Redbird, granddaughter of a Cherokee and step-daughter of a member of the People of Faith, discovers that her body is changing into a vampyre by being Marked as a fledgling. Zoey has to go to the House of Night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or otherwise she will die because her body will reject the change. Run by a high priestess of Nyx, the goddess of the night, The House of Night is a vampire boarding school where fledglings learn about vampire culture and how to be successful vampyres. Zoey learns that not everything is as it seems at the House of Night, and there is evil brewing. It is up to Zoey and her friends to save the day.

 This series is teen romance vampire fiction, similar to Twilight. Those who have read Twilight may like this series as well, and it was originally suggested to me by a fan of Twilight. I did enjoy the series, and it is not yet finished as of the last title published, called Burned. I believe The House of Night increases in complexity slightly due to addition of characters and plot points. As a series, it is primarily adventure/romance, but has elements of mystery and thriller as well.

Check out all seven volumes of The House of Night:

1) Marked

2) Betrayed

3) Chosen

4) Untamed

5) Hunted

6) Tempted

7) Burned

Heather Shaw, UNT Practicum Student


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