Denton Writes 2010 Winner-Younger Children’s Non-Fiction-Reagan Sandlin

                   Becoming A Foster Family

                          By Reagan Sandlin

My family is going through the process of becoming a foster family.  Foster families take care of other people’s kids.  When parents can’t take care of their kids, when they can’t feed their kids, when people can’t give their kids clothes and when they are not able to make sure their kids are safe, CPS goes and picks up their kids and they take the kids to foster families. 

To become a foster family, my mom and dad had to fill out a 27-page application, go to meetings and training classes, and get lots of paperwork done.  In our home we had to put safety covers on all the plugs, put a lock on our medicines and our gate, and put up our cleaning supplies on a high shelf.  Then we had our home study.  That is when my mom, dad, brother, sister and me were all interviewed by a caseworker. She asked us questions about our life.  She wanted to know what we play as a family, where we go on vacation and how my mom and dad discipline us.  Now we are waiting for them to write up our home study and tell us we get to be a foster family.

All of my Mom’s friends gave us a crib, car seats, toddler bed, clothes for little kids and babies, washcloths and towels for babies, and binkies.  We put the crib in my room and the toddler bed in my brother’s room.  Now we have everything we need!

I feel excited to become a foster family so I will get to have little children around.  I can play with them, teach them things, love them, and tell them about Jesus so they can pray to Him when they go back home to their mom and dad.  They could tell their mom and dad about Jesus too. 

This is all true.  This is how you become a foster family.  I hope this inspires others to be foster families, so children have more safe homes to go to.


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