Denton Writes 2010 Winner-Younger Children’s Fiction-Summer Grady










The Pike’s Treasure

 By Summer Grady


What will become of me, I thought as curiosity drew me closer to the sunken chest. With brass hinges, wood finish and a gold lock it was perfect. Placing my fish fins under the top, I struggled and strained under the weight of the container. Crreeaak, went the box as it slowly opened. Crowns and jewels laid at the sides giving pizzazz to the lost plunder. I gasped at the diamonds. My eyes roved to find something unexpected. There, upon the riches sat a brownish monster thing! White spots rested on the brown scales. “Snore, zzzz…..” moaned the guardian of the silver and gold. “He should take one of those night snoring pills,” I mumbled to myself. This creature was not a heavy sleeper. It woke up in a flash, obviously hearing my muttering. I now noticed what this monster was. A pike! The fiend glared at me for what seemed like centuries. At that, he licked his glistening chops. I whirled around and swam as fast as my tail fin could carry me. “Me hungry!,” the starving figure yelled very loudly. Just then the pike shot out after me. After awhile of the goose chase I noticed a gleaming hook in a worm. “Of course” I thought. A fisherman! As the pike grew nearer and nearer, I tightened my grip on the hook. When the pike was a foot away from me, I let go of the pointed metal. He supposedly thought I was there because the pike clasped his jaws around the hook with a worm on it. “See you, wouldn’t want to be you!” I laughed as the fish was hoisted up out of the lake. I hope the next time I want to find lost treasure and fight off a predator, I’ll remember this lesson.


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