Denton Writes 2010 Winner-Children’s Poetry-Alex Souris


By Alex Souris

Holy Guacamole, this is 8 pt. font!

It’s small, but isn’t saving trees what you want?

Smaller writing, less space

Less paper in your face

Less paper, less trees

Dying for your paper needs.

Trees live off carbon in the atmosphere

Giving oxygen that helps you live right here.

While we can still breathe we’ve got nothing to fear.

But aliens who might come and look in to peer,

At those stupid humans killing plants that let them live,

Might say, “It’s almost as if they don’t know what the trees give

‘Cause surely if they did they wouldn’t take tree lives,

Because surely they must see that they need trees to survive.”

So answer this call, please

Answer this plea!

To save this planet’s beauty,

We should care, you see

We’re the next generation,

Who must clean up this nation,

And the rest of the world, too.

This planet’s for me and you!


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