Denton Writes 2010 Winner-Children’s Non-Fiction-Aimee Rebecca Bourney

My Grandpa

By Aimee Rebecca Bourney

     Arthur Bourey, my grandpa, was a brave man. He was born September 9, 1926 in Standish New York. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

     Afterward, since my grandpa was strong, he became a master welder for thirty-three years.  

     But that’s not how I knew him. I knew him a quiet and loving man. When I first met my grandpa I thought he was a soldier. I didn’t know he served in the Navy then.

     When I walked into his home I saw his beautiful clock that he made. I saw his model airplanes all bright and shining! I saw his big green yard with the plastic donkey in the middle.

        Now that home is lonely and sad. A for-sale is probably in front of it. Its bright model planes are all packed to be sold, and the plastic donkey too. The handmade clock is saying good-bye and the yard is seen to be mowed.

    My grandpa died. My tears rained for lifetimes. My happy smile destroyed.  I wish I could say thank you or I love you for all the times I didn’t. I wish I could’ve sent him a thank you card for the gift card he sent me.

   I love my grandpa alive or dead, I will miss him forever but I know he is in a better place.


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