Innocent by Scott Turow

Usually, when decades later, an author writes a sequel to an earlier successful novel it is a sign of desperation. However, Scott Turow ‘s return to the characters of his thrilling debut “Presumed Innocent” offers that rare treat where a reader’s familiarity with the characters mixed with the passing of time has produced a dark, engaging and thoroughly satisfying read.

Rusty Sabich, the hero of the first novel is now a judge, but once again he finds himself sitting at the defendants table in a murder trial – in which even the reader doesn’t know how complacent he is in the crime.  Turow captures the cynicism that comes with a lifetime of working in the court system, where justice and the truth give way to expediency.

If you loved the page turner that was “Presumed Innocent” you will not be able to put down his new novel “Innocent”.

Also check out the great movie based on the book  “Presumed Innocent” starring Harrison Ford.



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