Patrick Carmen’s Invincible Foray

Thirteen Days to Midnight, by Patrick Carman, struck me as remarkably different then the other books that I have read by him. The main character in this book is invincible, a very different power then being able to understand animals or climb rocks, both being abilities of his characters in other books. In Thirteen Days to Midnight, the focus was on the power of invincibility rather than having the superpower as simply a tool for achieving a goal. This book also has more romantic elements than The House of Power trilogy, The Land of Elyon series, or The Black Circle. The darkness and suspense of the story, combined with the romance subplot, make a more serious story then many of Carman’s other books. This book is a definite departure from Carman’s usual style of writing, but with its own charms and thrills to captivate readers of suspense.

William Root


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