Denton Writes 2010 Winners!

Denton Writes 2010 Winners!

The Denton Public Library would like to thank all who participated in and those who encouraged others to participate in Denton Writes 2010. This year’s writing contest which was open to children, teens and adults, received more than 220 entries.

The winners and honorable mentions for each category are as follows:

Adult Fiction

Winner – Rob Robison

Unique Proportions

Honorable Mention – Joe Bransford

Sebatian’s Wish

Adult Poetry

Winner – Angie Kimmel

From the Front Porch in Beaverton, Oregon

Winner – Form Poetry – Annie Neugebauer

Cleaning Out the Exhaust Vent

Honorable Mention – Sandy Sanborn


Adult Non-fiction

This category had a tie for the top spot!

Winner – Christine Thomas

Marriage -Fully Decorated

Winner – Tanya St. Clair

The Power of Faith, Hope and Love

Honorable Mention – Adam Jeffrey Rosenfield

Fun With Roy G. Biv

Teen Fiction

Winner – Jessica Collins


Honorable Mention – Emily Ray


Teen Poetry

Winner – Emily Ray

This Hand

Winner – Form Poetry – Varada Salimath

Battle of the Alamo

Honorable Mention – Emma Pattison


Honorable Mention – Kelly Shiflet


Teen Non-fiction

Winner – Kailey McIntire

Youth Violence

Honorable Mention – Sierra Thomas

Plastic People

Children’s Fiction

Winner – Rachel Suzanne Valentine

Northern Lights

Honorable Mention – Aidan Collins

A (not so) Typical Monday

Children’s Poetry

Winner – Alex Souris


Honorable Mention – Mary Jane Stidham

I Was Walking Through Denton

Children’s Non-fiction

Winner – Aimee Rebecca Bourney My Grandpa

Younger Children’s Fiction

Winner – Summer Grady

Pike’s Treasure

Honorable Mention – Emma Grace Campbell

Animal Tree

Younger Children’s Poetry

Winner – Kelsey Bishop

Autumn (Acrostic)

Younger Children’s Non-fiction

Winner – Reagan SandlinBecoming a Foster Family


2 thoughts on “Denton Writes 2010 Winners!

  1. To Whom It May Concern,

    I have a daughter that will be a senior when school starts back up and I’ve started looking at scholarships that she can apply for. I was curious if DPL has anything that could help her afford her way through college?



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