Cat the Cat…Who is That?

Mo Willems has a new character, and with it, a new set of easy reader books.  Cat the Cat is an enthusiastic main character who introduces readers to all of her animal friends, including Hound the Hound, Chick the Chick, and Bunny the Bunny.  Cat the Cat, Who is That? consists of simples introductions to Cat and friends, Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly shows if Cat and company can fly, and What’s Your Sound, Hound the Hound demonstrates different animal sounds, until it’s Bunny the Bunny’s turn.

Willems’s signature bold lines and colors will draw a broad range of children to this new series, as will his subtle humor.  Cat the Cat books’ texts are simple enough for early readers, but the interactive nature of the series also make for great read-alouds.  I highly recommend Mo Willems’s new series to preschoolers and kindergartners!

posted by Dana Zakrzewski


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