Septimus Heap

Septimus Heap is the seventh son of a seventh son and thus destined to have strong magical powers. He appears to have died shortly after birth, but has been stolen by the midwife. Princess Jenna, whose mother has just been murdered, was born on the same day and is placed in the Heaps family to hide her. On Jenna’s tenth birthday her royal lineage is revealed and she must run from the evil Necromancer DomDaniel who would have her assassinated. She flees to the Aunt Zelda’s along with some family members, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and a young army guard known only as “Boy 412.” As for Septimus, one boy claims to be him, but his powers don’t add up to a true wizard. The story eventually reveals the real Septimus with lots of magic and a few neat surprises.

The Septimus Heap series is full of fun, adventure, humor, family and friendship, in a fantasy world of magical beast, ghosts, time travel, carnivorous trees, wizard and witches. Look out Harry a new wizard is a foot.

posted by May Beth Everett


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