Steam Train in Denton, April 9th 2010

    This coming Friday, April 9th from 1-1:30pm, Union Pacific Railroad steam locomotive No. 844 will be making a whistle stop in downtown Denton at the 600 block of East Hickory Street. Coincidentally, the theme for our upcoming Summer Reading Club is, “Catch The Reading Express” with a railroad theme:

More information from the Union Pacific about this train and its itinerary can be found here:

The 844 was built for the Union Pacific by the American Locomotive Corp. in 1944 and has never been out of service-a unique fact amongst mainline steam locomotives. The 844 and her sister, Challenger 3985, represent the height of steam locomotive technology. More info about her and UP’s steam operations can be found here:

So, if you are a train geek like myself, don’t miss this RARE opportunity to see, hear and smell a beast from the past. And, three celebrities from Library Larry’s Big Day may be in attendance, as well.

As always, the Denton Public Library has materials for all ages on railroading and steam engines. Specifically, we have books on railroads in Texas in our Special Collections area at the Emily Fowler Library. The Katy, Santa Fe and Texas & Pacific Railroads are nicely represented but these materials must remain in the building.


Posted by Chuck, 4/6/10


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