The End by David LaRochelle

When you first open David LaRochelle’s picture book The End, you may be tempted to send it back to the publisher since it begins with “The End.”  But, as you start to read, you’ll learn that the book binder did not make a mistake, and you won’t want to put the book down.  LaRochelle turns literary convention on its head by starting with the end and enticing the reader to turn the page with phrases like,  “an enormous tomato was rolling down the hill because…,” and “he had been tickling a great green dragon because…”

LaRochelle’s literary structure is unconventional, but his storyline is just plain silly, including a dragon brought to tears by a bunch of bunny rabbits and a tantrum-throwing giant.  Richard Egielski’s caricature-type illustrations bring the  fairytale characters to life and  will attract young readers, but the book can be used well with elementary-aged children learning about the concepts of cause-and-effect.

I loved The End by David LaRochelle because…

…it’s not your typical picture book!

-Dana Zakrzewski


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