Texas International Pop Fest 1969 at Emily Fowler

North Texas had its own version of Woodstock mere weeks after that more famous Festival just down I-35 in Lewisville. The Emily Fowler Public Library has a new exhibit for the month of March featuring realia, posters and pictures provided by Mr. Richard Hayner who attended the concerts at age 16. His website is: www.TexasPopFestival.com .

Poster from Festival

The news of Woodstock traveled fast for the youth in counter-culture America, and some of the acts featured in upstate New York also made it to Lewisville, namely: Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Ten Years After and Janis Joplin. An up and coming little combo by the name of Led Zeppelin making a name for itself on its second American tour also stopped by.

Led Zeppelin and Herbie Mann promotional

Tickets, stickers and program

 Items in the DPL collection relating to Woodstock can be found in our catalog here: http://library.cityofdenton.com/search~S4?/dwoodstock/dwoodstock/1%2C9%2C11%2CB/exact&FF=dwoodstock+festival+1969+bethel+n+y&1%2C3%2C/indexsort=-

We also have a plethora of music CDs from artists that performed at the Texas Pop Festival available for checkout!

Posted by Chuck Voellinger, 3.9.10


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