Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth by Sarah Weeks; Illustrated by Robert Neubecker

You can trust Sophie Peterman when she speaks about babies, because she will only tell you the truth.  While most people see them as cute little blessings, Sophie will tell you that they look like aliens, smell horrible, and are generally just like monsters.  Most importantly, Sophie advises that if your parents ever ask if you want a little brother or sister, you should definitely say “NO!”

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth is a hilarious take on the ups and downs (mostly downs) of having a new sibling in the house.  Author Sarah Weeks takes us through a litany of complaints that Sophie has about her new baby brother, and Robert Neubecker brings these complaints to life with extra-bold and bright pictures that take over the pages.  By the end of the book, Sophie realizes the upside of having a younger sibling who admires and adores her, and  Weeks deftly gives us this ending without the sentimentality that can easily ruin books about familial love.

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth is an outstanding choice for ages 4-8, especially if they are suffering from the new baby blues!

Dana Zakrzewski


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