Anime Art Contest Winners

Anime Art Contest Winners

A big thank you and round of applause goes out to all the participants of the Anime Art Contest.  Library patrons thoroughly enjoyed viewing your art.  We have some very talented artists in the area.

Thank you also to the art teachers from DISD who encouraged students to submit their work, your involvement  helped make this contest very competitive with a total of 200 pieces entered.

The judging was done through public vote; the following pieces received the most votes: 

#1 – RYDIA by Kathy Cao
#2 – I Can Surpass the Sky by Mayra Puga
#3 – Penguin Parade by Emily Ray

Winners will receive a bundle of anime DVDs, manga and art supplies.

Thanks again to all who participated, we could not have had a contest without you.

We will also be posting pictures of other favorites in another blog post so stay tuned, your art could be featured!


3 thoughts on “Anime Art Contest Winners

  1. How come the one with the ocean waves, ‘Sirenes’ didn’t win by Liyan Burr. It was extremely beautiful with its splashing water effect. It was so pristine too, along with the breathtaking and detailed ‘Rydia’ done by Kathy Cao. 😦 What gives?

  2. Sorry I had to double post 🙂

    Kathy, Lovely use of glitter and traditional colored pencils.
    Did you use prismacolors?! I wouldn’t be surprised if you used the cheaper brand because your skill is awesome. ❤ I will buy some of your prints (probably will pay any price), please show me some of your other artworks
    my email is
    (ignore that it's just supposed to be a cute email.)

    And Ms. Liyan
    please email me too!! I want to see your portfolio. I'll many prints! from you.
    Your going great directions with that interesting water splash effect its soo different. Dang i never knew watercolor could look so good on anime.You must be professional ❤

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