Patron Review: Nine Pounds of Fantastic Fantasy

The Nine Pound Hammer, a stunning debut novel by John Claude Bemis, is a thrilling adventure that no fantasy reader should miss.  The twelve-year-old protagonist Ray, who is an orphan, decides to join up with a circus and leave his sister, Sally.  Ray believes that Sally has a better chance of being adopted without him, so he leaves her on a train.  Ray soon finds out that an evil man, the Gog, is trying to capture a siren for evil purposes.  Ray must try to protect a siren, Jolie, whom he meets at the circus from the Gog.  Will Ray be able to protect Jolie?  To find out, read The Nine Pound Hammer by John Claude Bemis.  This book is an exceptional read for fantasy lovers — a five out of five.                                                                                                              –William Root

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