Dinosaurs Roar!

Does your child love dinosaurs?  In your quest to find great dinosaur stories and information, don’t forget about our junior and teen graphic novel sections!  Here are some great dinosaur graphic novels that are funny and informative:

Dinosaur Hour by Hitoshi Shioya will make your child giggle as all kinds of dinosaurs play pranks and joke around in this hilarious collection of short comics.  Shioya includes factual information about some dinosaur species so your kids can learn while they laugh.

Gon by Masahi Tanaka uses only pictures to tell the story of Gon, a small, but fierce dinosaur .  This wordless manga series follows Gon on his adventures as he saves his small, furry friends from large, vicious beasts.

The Captain Raptor series by Kevin O’ Malley follows Captain Raptor and his Dinosaur crew through their adventures in space.  A great book for sci-fi fans, dino-fans and reluctant readers. These books may not be historically accurate, but they’re a whole lot of fun!

Dana Zakrzewski


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