Yesterday at the North Branch, we had a truly disgusting program:  Halloween Grossology.  We played CSI: Grossology and used our sense of touch to guess what the different body parts in the bags were actually made of.  We also made fake blood and gave ourselves fake wounds.  I do believe we have some future Crime Scene Investigators and Hollywood makeup artists in our midsts!  Take a look at the pictures below at your own risk!  Some of the fake wounds are very realistic!


halloween grossology 10-09 011

Making fake wounds is hard work!

halloween grossology 10-09 012

Gee kid, maybe you should get that looked at.

halloween grossology 10-09 013


halloween grossology 10-09 014

Sorry, not even your mom will kiss that mess to make it better!

halloween grossology 10-09 019

You can always count on Mom!

halloween grossology 10-09 020

Great job!!!!

halloween grossology 10-09 004

Are there really brains in that bag? No, just spaghetti!


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