Let the Wild Rumpus Start…

If you didn’t already know, Spike Jonze’s film rendition of Where the Wild Things Are comes out today, and at the North Branch we celebrated with an afternoon of Monstrous activities.  We started with Mo Willem’s story about a little monster that couldn’t frighten anybody–Leonardo, the Terrible Monster. 

Monster Afternoon 2009 009Next, since everybody needs a snack, we decorated our own monster cookies!  It was messy but fun!!!Monster Afternoon 2009 019

After that, we read a brand new monster book that is both funny and practical–How to Potty Train Your Monster

We took a break from the books with a little monster trivia and then read one of the greatest books of all time (in my humble opinion)–Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Finally, we created our own tribute to Sendak’s work by making Wild Things puppets that are perfect for telling our own monster stories!

Monster Afternoon 2009 027Monster Afternoon 2009 038Monster Afternoon 2009 039Monster Afternoon 2009 036


Monster Afternoon 2009 047

Monster Afternoon 2009 048

 Monster Afternoon 2009 045

Monster Afternoon 2009 052Monster Afternoon 2009 053


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