Paige–The Library Mouse

Paige 010Hello everybody! My name is Paige and I am the Library Mouse here at the Denton Public Library. Occasionally they let me out of the library and I get to see the world! For my very first trip I went to see….Chicago!!! Well, ok, I only saw Chicago from the plane, but I did visit its suburbs.

The food in Chicago is just yummy! I tried all sort of new things. My first Paige 019night there, I had the juiciest Chicago style Italian beef. Boy was that delicious. I also got to try a Chicago hotdog and a traditional Deep Dish Pizza.

Paige 016I visited so many places on my trip, I can hardly remember them all! One of my favorite places was going to visit the elk in Elk Grove. They were all hanging out by the fence—but then one tried to charge me! Yikes! I also visited a Hindu temple in Bartlett, Illinois and went boating. Overall it was a very fun trip. I can’t wait for my next adventure.


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