What We Are Reading

atmomicAtomic Lobster by Tim Dorsey                                                                                 

Totally new for me. All the action/crime/adventure is set in sunny Florida, one of my favorite spots in the world. Serial killer Surge E. Storms, is genius at finding creative ways to dispatch unsavory characters who violate his oddly sensible code of ethics. It’s a complicated plot that’s easy to follow, with mimes, clowns, drug kingpins, CIA operatives, real estate agents, former NFL players, and family values thrown together. The violence is sometimes gruesome, but the situations are hilarious and the denouement reads like the best lethal weapon/sitcom you’ve ever seen. For adults – language, situations.                         -Terri, Fowler Central Library

breatheBreathe My Name  by R.A. Nelson                                                                                                 

Frances has a past. When she was a little girl, her mother murdered her three younger sisters. Frances was supposed to die with them, but was saved at the last minute. Now, her mother is being released from prison and wants to see her. Will Frances be able to see her mother and survive, or will she end up like her sisters?        -Wylaina, North Branch Library

missingMissing Mark Julie Kramer                                                                                                  When the advertisement for a Wedding Dress “Never Worn” is listed in the local paper, reporter Riley Spatz suspects there might be a juicy story behind the abandoned dress. What she finds leads her to a missing groom who may be a murderer or a victim, a kidnapped prize winning bass and the seedy world of stand-up comics. Julie Kramer creates a fast-paced and fun mystery with enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages until the end.            -Kimberly, South Branch Library

overOver the Edge by Suzanne Brockmann                                                                  

Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok is the man who can fix anything. When pilot Terri Howe begins to have trouble with a coworker, Stan goes into fix-it mode assigning Terri to fly a simple training mission with him. Stan begins falling for the lovely Terri but he decides she deserves better and sets her up with one of his men. Meanwhile, the training mission becomes dangerous when the team is called to help with a high-jacking situation. Can Terri convince Stan that they deserve a chance or will his stubbornness end their relationship before it can begin?

Great story! I fell in love with Stan for his steely determination, courage, and genuine concern for others. I felt Terri was a good match for him with her courage and perseverance. The plot was really involving and the secondary characters were engaging. This is part of Brockmann’s Troubleshooters, Inc. series so there are lots of familiar characters. I found this story had a good mix of action, humor, and romance.            -Stacey, Fowler Central Library

risingThe Rising by Brian Keene                                                                                                    

A cross between Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and George Romero’s film Day of the Dead, The Rising is the story of a devoted father determined to rescue his son during a zombie apocalypse. Heartbreaking, intelligent, and extremely suspenseful, the Rising breathes new, um, life into the zombie genre (zombie animals!).    -Stephanie, Fowler Central Library

southSouth of Broad by Pat Conroy                                                                                        

Charleston native Leopold Bloom King narrates his own story about his troubled adolescent years in the 1960s that are highlighted with his older brother’s suicide and the realization that his mother is an ex-nun.  He eventually finds a motley, yet close group of friends whose encounters span the 60s, 70s and 80s.  This is my first Pat Conroy experience, and everyone is right, he is a fantastic writer!  Conroy gives Leopold a voice so authentic that it’s hard to believe South of Broad is fiction.                      -Dana, North Branch Library


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