Denton Writes 2009 Winner – Younger Children’s Fiction – Hannah Bradshaw


Hannah Bradshaw previewThe Power of Friends

by Hannah Bradshaw


Hannah brushed her hair, put on PJ’s and got into bed. She was almost asleep when she heard a witch laughing. The witch said, “I’ll cast a spell on you. Whenever you’re scared, you’ll shrink until your teeny tinier than a germ. And when you’re really scared, you’ll become a mouse.”

            The little girl felt so scared that she turned as small as a tooth. Her mom came to her room to give her some milk and screamed, “Hannah! Where are you?” Finally, she called the police, “911, we have a missing daughter.”

            The police showed up and heard a small voice. They looked behind them and saw a little girl.

She looked like Hannah, sounded like Hannah, but she couldn’t be Hannah. She was tinier than a tooth.

            Daddy laughed.

            Her brother asked, “Ish she the thooth fair-wee?”

            “No. I’m not the tooth fairy. I’m still your sister,” said Hannah.

A witch flew over with her short broom. She stopped suddenly. Her broom was out of batteries, and she fell flat on her face. Yucky green stuff came out of her head. She grabbed some new batteries and put them in her broom. Then, she flew up and broke through the roof.

            Daddy said, “I think that nasty witch did something to my Hannah.”

            Mom asked, “What should we do? The roof’s on top of me. It bonked my head hard.”

            “That mean witch hurt my sweetheart,” said Dad.

            “I shill think she’s the thooth fair-wee. I’ll always bewieve it,” said Hannah’s brother.

            Hannah asked, “Are we in a nasty fairytale?”

            “I don’t know,” her mom answered as the policeman helped her up.

            Bright blue wings grew on Hannah’s back. All her clothes were blue petals. On her head was a small hat made from a blue flower. Everyone saw blue pixie dust on her wings.

Mom said, “It looks like we’re in a big fairy tale mess.”

            Dad said, “I think she is a fairy.”

            Her little brother said, “I thold ya.”

            “Maybe one of Tinkerbell’s friends has turned big and changed clothes with me.”

            Suddenly, they heard a noise. The house was cracking.

            “It’s going to explode!” said Dad.

            “I think we thould look for thelther,” said baby brother.

            They rushed outside, and the house went splat.

“Oh dear, there goes our money,” said Mom.

Everyone was unhappy except little brother. He was smiling. “Maybe the fairies’ houses are collapsing right now, too.”

            The tired family looked for a place to camp. While they were asleep, the witch did a magic spell with her wand and sent them to Pixie Hollow where all the fairies live. When they woke up, they saw this big person that looked like a fairy.

The big fairy asked, “How’d you get here?”

Hannah said, “I don’t know, but I heard a sound when we were asleep.”

            “Do you know how I got big? Me and some other fairies were in a fight. I heard a laughing sound and a witch flew over Pixie Hollow. I heard her say, ‘Willow, Willow, turn so billow. Once you’re scared, you’ll turn so yellow.’ Then I got bigger and had yellow petals—but huge yellow petals. Everyone was looking at me. The other fairies started laughing and flew off. Then I heard an unusual noise,” said Willow, “It sounded kind of scary like a strange bird.”

“Oh no, look,” Hannah pointed towards the sky.

“Wow, it flew right over us.” said Willow.

            “ I thon’t think I thaw it,” interrupted Hannah’s little brother.

            “Let’s work together to find the witch so that we’ll be unspelled,” said Hannah to the big fairy.

            Then Willow asked Hannah’s mom, “Are you okay? You look like you have a cold.”

            “I’m okay, but I feel tired.”

            “Stay here while Hannah and me look for the witch. I’m certain we can find her,” said Willow.

            After walking for hours, Hannah asked, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

            “I don’t know. How can I think what your thinking?”

            “It’s just a saying,” laughed Hannah.

            “That’s strange” said Willow. “I never heard of that.”

            “What I mean is, I wonder if we should camp now. It’s getting dark.”

            “What is camp?”

            “You don’t know?”

            “Fairies only know certain words.”

Hannah put her cold hand in her pocket and found a key. “Do you know what a key is?”

“Something that makes potions?”

“Not exactly. It’s something that opens doors and jewelry boxes.”

“Oh,” said Willow, “What’s a door?”

“Something you use to go into rooms.”

“Oh,” said Willow again.

“We need to look for shelter.”

“How about that hollow tree over there?”

It started raining. “Wait. I can’t fly,” said Hannah.

“That happens when you get wet. Better get inside the hollow tree.”

When they got there, they found a door with a lock on it. Hannah remembered the key she’d found in her pocket. She put it into the lock and twisted. The door opened.

“Should we go in?” asked Hannah.

“Come on. We can be brave.”

They slowly crept inside. They saw icky spider webs.

“I’m scared of spiders,” said Hannah. Sparkles went round and round her. She shrank tiny as baby’s little finger.

“Don’t be afraid. Here, I can light a match to burn the spider webs and to light our way.”

“Okay,” said Hannah in a shaky voice. “As long as you promise to be in front.”

“Fine,” said Willow.

They crept into the hole one step at a time. Then they heard sounds like the wings of a bird.

“I’m really scared,” said Hannah.

They saw this huge bird above them. It was almost as big as the whole tree inside.

“Oh dear,” said Hannah, “It better not eat me.”

“I’m scared, too,” said Willow, “Uh oh, I’m getting bigger!”

“Oh my, it’s flying towards us!”

“Hello,” said a low voice. “I haven’t seen anything in this hollow tree in years.”

“Who are you?” Hannah asked.

“I’m Pallas. Can I help you?”

“We need to find a short witch with a magic broom.”

“Well, I heard of a witch that has a broom. I think we should look in the magic mirror. Here, this way.”

“Whoa, what’s this?” asked Hannah.

“It’s the underground magic mirror. Magic Mirror, Magic Mirror, show me the witch with the long nose.”

A sound like wind brushed through their hair. They saw a tall witch with a long nose and a long broom.

Hannah said, “I don’t remember that witch. The witch we’re looking for has a short broom and a short snout and lots of green goo on her head”

“Oh, that witch. I think I saw her flying over this hollow tree once. I saw her with a short nose and broom, but never with green goo.”

“That’s because she flew through my roof yesterday, and she got an owie.”

“I suppose that’s Guffaw.”

The wind began again. It nearly blew off Hannah’s petals and her cute hat. She had to hold on tight. Then, they saw the witch.

“Yes!” said Hannah and Willow. “That’s her!” 

“Show me where Guffaw is,” demanded Pallas.

Wind whistled and the mirror showed the witch in a spooky forest where coyotes and ghosts lived. The witch was making soup.

“Many witches live in that forest,” said Pallas.

“You mean she lives there?”

“Maybe,” said Pallas.

“Why did she go where I live?”

“Maybe she was having some fun and games. Now, enough talking. I’ve been to the forest before and I can take you if you want.” 

“Oh thank you,” said Hannah.

“Jump on my back.”

“Okay,” said Hannah, and they were on their way.

Hannah saw flying fish, mermaids and rainbows made by ponies. They came to the forest and heard creepy sounds like howls and footsteps. They also heard Guffaw laughing. When they landed, they saw her.

The witch said, “Well, well, well. Looks like I have company.”

“Oh no,” said Hannah, “I’m really scared.” She shrunk small as a mouse and started to grow mouse ears and a tail. She was so small no one could see her anymore.

She crept behind Guffaw, and even though she was scared, she bit her as hard as she could. The witch screamed and fell half-way into her boiling pot.

“No more witch,” said Hannah, picking up the magic wand. Hannah looked into the pot and saw her reflection. She saw that she was big again and Willow was her normal size, too. 

Hannah took the wand. They got on Pallas. Quicker than you can blink, he was off. He flew up in the air and took them back to Pixie Hollow.

 “Oh, you guys are all right. I’m so happy…Aaachoo!” said Hannah’s mom. 

“You got a rare sickness that usually only fairies get,” said the wise bird.

“Can she get well again?” asked Willow.

“Well, usually not, but..”

“The wand,” said Hannah, and she waved it in front of her mom’s face, “Please help Mom to be well.” Her mom felt all better and no one got that illness again.

In the meantime, they had to get home. They all slipped on Pallas’ back.

“Willow, you will always be my best friend,” Hannah yelled from the sky. “When I was scared, you were nice to me. Bye.” She waved while Pallas took them all home. Quick as a wink, they were next to their broken house.

“Oh dear, I forgot about that,” said mom.

“Thon’t worry. We have the wand,” said baby brother.

“Please help our house to be like it was,” said Hannah while she waved the wand.

Then it was just like new. They were all so tired from their adventures that they went right to bed.

The end.


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