Denton Writes 2009 Winner – Children’s Nonfiction – Katherine Dickens

Katherine Dickens preview

My Little Brother

by Katherine Dickens

I love my little brother, but sometimes I wish I could just pull my hair out and scream. When I try to sit down and read, up comes Jake wanting me to give him a piggy back ride. I sigh and save my place. Even though he can be a pain in the neck, I love that little boy. I can’t imagine what it will be like when I’m 18 and he’s only 10 like I am now.

I have 3 brothers but only 2 live with me. The oldest (Trevor) is the one who doesn’t live with us, he is 16. The middle one (Nick) is 12 years old. He is a pain but somewhere deep, deep, way deep down he loves me. And then there’s Jake, the 2 year old. He is always bouncing up and down. He calls me “Tate” even though my name is really Katie. He clings on to me when I pretty much go anywhere.  He knows how to make me giggle by just being himself.  He runs up to everything he likes and pretty much messes it up.

Jake also wears the same shirt almost everyday. It is yellow with the Wiggles on it. That is one of his favorite shows. He also loves Blue Clues. He makes me draw pictures of paw prints and hide them. When he finds them he yells “a clue” and gives them to me. I give it to my mom to hold on to. He is always asking for “tato’s” which is what he calls apples. We don’t know why he calls them that but he just does.

This is something we actually know why he does it. When someone says I love you, he answers with bye! He does it because when Mom is talking to Dad on the phone, she says I love you and then bye. So Jake thinks that’s what you say when someone tells you that. Jake really makes things his own way. When someone goes to the bathroom, Jake yells their name and sticks things under the door for us.

Jake doesn’t like to hear the word “no” from Dad. When he does hear it from him, he bursts into tears. Then he goes over to Dad and starts doing something by brushing his hands over him and yelling in gibberish. Every question we ask him he answers it with “no”. Dad asks him things like: “Am I your Dad?” Then he answers with no, like always. What I’m really saying is, Jake is a pain, but I still love him!


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