Denton Writes 2009 Winner – Adult Poetry – Leslie Pumphrey


Leslie Pumphrey preview












by Leslie Pumphrey

Trying to find a job is battery acid that

                                    eats away my self-confidence

     drains my reserves

     all the reservoirs

                          are dried up

            there’s a drought 

     7 skinny cows

     dreams can predict the future

I dream! (to have a job!)


Barnes and Nobles?        NO  I read too much, I might steal the books

Wells Fargo?      NO   I don’t look responsible enough to handle money

Q.T.?       NO   I’d spend my breaks draining the icee machines into my mouth

Walmart?        NO  I’m not 65+ or smiley

Target?        NO  I don’t work on Sundays

     The White House?   NO  They are done with Texans for a while


To random employers I am

an orphan child,

dirty and dazed,

clinging, begging,

Will YOU help . . . me . . . .


My delicate fleshy hopes are VICIOUSLY SHREDDED

                      against a RAZOR of


The position has been filled.


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