Dead and Gone by Charlene Harris

Dead and GoneSookie Stackhouse is back…. trying to negotiate around her crazy life that includes vampires, werewolves, and, of course, three extremely difficult ex-boyfriends.  Her uncomfortable bond to the vampire Eric has grown stronger and harder to resist, making Sookie feel less like her usual self and more like Eric’s servant.  When the shifters decide to come out into the open and reveal their two-natured existence, Sookie finds herself once again trying to solve the murder of someone close to her family.

Then, she finds her very life is threatened by beings that are more powerful and dangerous than any she has dealth with before.   Can Sookie survive the day and the night? And more importantly, which of her ex-loves will win her heart?  Dead and Gone is another riveting read from Charlene Harris that will leave you demanding more.

~A Romance in the Stacks Review by Stacey

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