Are you there, Vodka? It’s me, Chelsea

By Chelsea Handler.

I was warned off this audiobook -“It’s a little racy!” But despite the mild-mannered librarianish appearance, I like racy. Maybe more, or at least as much, I like clever and opinionated. Chelsea Handler offers up lots of opinions; on family (hers is 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Mormon), on substance abuse (she’s for it), on sex (she’s really for it), and friendship (don’t miss the “dining in the dark” vignette).

Chelsea has her own TV show on E! where she brackets her adult commentary with input from a guest panel of 3 comedian/writers and help from her diminutive sidekick, Chuy. She then sits down for a throwaway interview with some minor league semi star of the moment. The appeal of the show is the same as her writing: a dose of no-holds barred womanhood, irrespective of the tastes of the audience. It must resonate with someone other than me as evidenced by her success!

Think David Sedaris in sleeveless tanktops and heels.

-Terri SharpBook Cover


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