Denton Calling: 30 Years of Indie and Alternative Music

The Emily Fowler Library has a display up for February and March highlighting the history of indie music in Denton.  In March, the collection will move from a display case to large boards in the upstairs atrium area.

Everyone knows about the Jazz scene here but I thought it might be cool to put up a collection of ephemera and realia relating to the Rock, Alt, Indie and just downright uncategorizable music that sprouts in these parts.  There appears to be a resurgence of interest in the Denton music scene with recent articles in the New York Times and Paste and the upcoming North By 35 (NX35) music conferette created by local musician Chris Flemmons.

 As much as I would love it, there’s no way that every band, musician or club that has called Denton “home”  could be represented, but hopefully the varied nature of the music here will come across.

What you will see: old fliers, cassettes (remember those?), local label releases, many photos, CDs, articles, etc. representing bands and clubs such as: Schwantz Lefantz, Last Rites, Centro-Matic, Little Jack Melody, The Library, The Rock Lottery…In fact, if you have some old pics, vinyl, fliers or whathaveyou from back in the day, contact Chuck at 940-349-8752 or e-mail me (better) at and perhaps we can get it included. We can scan your items if you are reluctant to leave the originals.

The Cartoons at The Library, 1985

The Cartoons at The Library, 1985. Photo by Alec Williams









Special thanks go to Alec Williams for the use of his photos and Leslie Couture for research and demolishment.


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