What We Are Reading

correctionsI am listening to the audiobook version of The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. It is an amazingly realistic portrait of an American Family. (It also needs to be repaired because my dog chewed up part of it.)


american-nerdAmerican Nerd : the story of my people by Benjamin Nugent.

I am in the middle of this. Nugent gives the history of Nerdom and so far it is pretty fascinating.

                                                    —Sunni, Technical Services



perfectLord Perfect by Loretta Chase

Benedict Carsington is known as “Lord Perfect” because everything about him is, well, just perfect.   In a chance encounter with a young widow named Bathsheba, he begins to wonder if perfection isn’t a little boring.  Then his life begins to spin out of control when his nephew is dragged into a treasure hunt by Bathsheba’s impetuous daughter, and he finds himself racing across England to catch them accompanied by the sarcastic and quick-witted Bathsheba.   A fast-paced story with original characters, sensual romance, and lots of humor, this historical romance is a must read.

                                                 –Stacey, Emily Fowler Central Library 



slumdogI just finished Slumdog Millionaire by Vikas Swarup.  This is the same book as Q&A, so look for both in the catalog if you want to put a hold on it.  What a crazy life this young boy has had, culminating in a seemingly suspicious win on a game show, with the highest prize payout EVER.  While the protagonist tries to prove he didn’t cheat, you learn about the many adventures he has had.  Highly recommended!

                                                                       -Sian, Technical Services


death-noteI recently started the manga series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.  High School Student Light Yagami finds a “Death Notebook” accidentally dropped by a Shigami, or death god.  Now, Light holds the power of people’s lives in his hands, and immediately starts testing the power of the Death Note.  I highly recommend this series for fans of shonen manga, suspense and crime fiction.

                                                            Dana, North Branch Library        






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