Teen Book Reviews – By Teens 4 Everyone!

Hana-Kimi by: Hisaya Nakajo

This series is one of my favorites because it’s very romantic, has a lot of drama, school life and is very enjoyable. The main character is Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl who lives in the United States. The story is about her being attracted to one of the high jump competitors, Izumi Sano. She saw him in track and field competition on TV. She starts to like him because he’s a young athlete and decides to transfer to an all boys’ school in Japan, to meet this precious athlete, Sano. Even though her wanting Sano put her in the all boys’ school, the story has a lot of twists and turns. And although she wants Sano and is in love with him, she has to face a lot of things and troubles are always ahead of her. This has a lot of things that we go through in school like peer pressure, romance, and wanting to be someone that everyone likes in school. I loved this book because I can understand what the main character has to go through. And the author did a really good job making this book with words and pictures.  Hope you enjoy this book.

Reviewed by: Cali






One thought on “Teen Book Reviews – By Teens 4 Everyone!

  1. I like it too, but still waiting how is the ending, coz hisaya chan make two tankubon for special ending, so after book 23th, there is two more book
    can,t wait them to get release in indonesia

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