Going to school in 1918-1919 at the CIA (now TWU)

Old yearbooks are fascinating.  There are so many photos of campus life, as well as places in town.  Thse photos are from the 1919 Daedalian, which was the school yearbook for the C.I.A., or College of Industrial Arts, as TWU was originally named.

The photo at the bottom was taken during Peace Day, July 19, 1919, on the Square.  I don’t know why they are carrying a library sign, though, but thought, Hey! 

The military had a prescence in town: there were soldiers, a practice flying field (Kelly Field?), and support for the war effort appeared to be strong.  In C. A. Bridges book, History of Denton, Texas From It’s Beginning to 1960, “By the end of the war in November, 1918, so many airplanes were over the town that they were considered common.   If you’d like to take a look at the 1919 Daedalian, stop by the Emily Fowler Central Library and ask at the Genealogy desk.

Aviators over Denton

Aviators over Denton

Peace Day

Peace Day



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