Great summer read for those who like horror and gritty protagonists

I’m not even finished with The Wolfman, but I just had to tell someone about it.  The main character is a werewolf.  He was infected while on tour of duty in Vietnam.  Actually, he died there, as the main character says.  The man who came back was broken and became a drifter – like Dr. David Banner, the Incredible Hulk.  Imagine finding out that you are unable to control yourself.  You are a killer, a monster, and yet you are unable to end your life.  And then finding out one day that you could control who you killed.  That’s where the story picks up: Marlowe Higgins can now control his destiny.  He looks in the paper for crimes and then unleashes his monster on the real “monsters”.  And now he is up against a serial killer.  Things will never be the same for him.

This is an adult book, for language, sexuality, and gore.  After all, the main character is a murderous werewolf.  He just can’t help it.

Pluses:  the writing is good, the characters are likable, and the dialog is witty.  The author got it right.  Unfortunately, he died after this book was published and there will not be another.




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